Data Center Features

DBSINet’s data center is not just another data center.  It was designed end engineered from the core to be small and manageable and to focus on our VMware hosting services.  Because of this smaller footprint, our costs are lower, uptime is increased, and the customer experience is far superior to any large data center.


  • Peering with US Signal, Spectrum, and AT&T
  • Layer 2/3 connection to a Solon Ohio data center for disaster recovery

Routing Redundancy

  • BGP routing among ISPs, we do have our own IP allocation from ARIN
  • Dedicated Cisco router for each ISP, redundant power supplies connecting to redundant UPSs
  • Cisco Core switch with redundant power and redundant supervisor modules participating in BGP routing with routers
  • For optional firewall protection, we feature Fortigate HA firewall pairs and not single standalone firewalls.

Power Protection

  • Our facility was recently expanded and completely rewired for additional capacity
  • Eaton Powerware protection to each rack, each host with redundant power supplies (ALL of our servers and network equipment) plug into two UPSs.
  • Generac 48KW natural gas generator dedicated to just the data center
  • Second utility feed and Generac 20KW natural gas generator for “B” outlets in the data center


  • Two Dedicated AC units for the data center with secondary standby units
  • Economizer pulls in cooler outside air to minimize AC usage in cold months

VMWare Infrastructure

  • Currently 7 vSphere hosts in our cluster
  • EmC enterprise grade storage
  • Veeam daily backups of all VMs to equipment located at our DR facility – 14 days included with all hosting
  • Redundant paths on dedicated switching network for SAN traffic
  • Hosts all trunk to the core or HA firewall pairs for maximum fault tolerance
  • All hosts and SANs are Dell enterprise class servers with redundant components
  • SANs all run RAID redundancy

Physical Security

  • Video surveillance at all points of entry as well as the data center
  • Sievers intrusion monitoring
  • Fire detection
  • No unattended data center access